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The Communication Consulting Cooperative (CCC), composed of doctoral students under the supervision of faculty mentors, offers consulting services related to the study and teaching of communication. The doctoral students selected as consultants have extensive instructional, research and professional experience in the field of communication. The group provides consulting in several areas, including, but not limited to, argumentation, business communication, health communication, intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, marketing and sales, organizational communication, persuasive messaging, persuasive speaking, political communication, risk communication and technical/scientific communication. The cooperative is housed in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University located in the beautiful and historic Midtown area of Detroit, Michigan.


  • Support the Detroit community by offering competitively priced consulting tailored to individuals, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and for-profit businesses.
  • Offer consulting that draws from cutting-edge communication research and practice.
  • Promote communication education and research through professional activity.


We provide communication consulting that meets a wide range of general and specific needs of clients through seminars and individual training. Our consulting plans are tailored to the unique needs of each client.


Typically, seminars are conducted in three, 3-hour sessions once a week. This format is designed to allow for time between sessions for at-home practice that will enhance the skills learned in a session. Shorter one-day seminars are also available with two 2-hour sessions.

Sample Public Speaking Three-Day Seminar: 

Session one "The Audience Centered Speaker:  Speaking Fundamentals"

  • Managing anxiety
  • Message construction
  • Planning and rrganizing

Session two "Going Beyond the Words:  Nonverbal Communication and Presentation"

  • Your body
  • Your voice
  • Presentation aids and what they say about you

Session three "Making the Pitch:  Persuasive Speaking and the Sales Pitch"

  • The keys to persuasion
  • Making "The Pitch"

Sample Public Speaking One-Day Seminar: 

Morning session "The Audience Centered Speaker: Speaking Fundamentals"

  • Managing anxiety
  • Delivering your best body, voice and confidence

Afternoon session "Making the Pitch:  Selling Your Message"

  • Cultivating a winning narrative
  • Making "The Pitch" through persuasive appeals

Individual training:

One-on-one training allows the consultant to evaluate a client's current skill level and to construct specific tools to help advance those skills. For many clients, this format is desirable when an extended timetable for training is not an option. Individual coaching also offers the flexibility needed to work with a busy schedule. Adaptable sessions allow you and your consultant to tailor a training schedule to your individual needs, along with detailed matching of your needs with the expertise of consultants. We are also able to conduct individual sessions over Skype.

Sample Public Speaking Individual Training:

For some, the public speaking process is better begun on an individual level. High levels of speech anxiety can necessitate the need for privacy and individualized attention in the early stages of training. Others find that individual training is the key to further developing communication skills after attending a seminar. Our primary goal in individual training is to capitalize on your natural communication style to make you the best public speaker you can be. Below are some of the training tools that we utilize in individualized public speaking consulting.

  • Training evaluations to track your progress. Evaluations can be conducting through video recording and/or personalized skill assessments.
  • Voice and delivery training
  • Specialized training for specific upcoming speaking events
  • We can supplement individual face-to-face sessions with Skype sessions for your convenience.


Pricing for seminars depends on type of format, number of people participating, location of session(s), client expectations and client desired outcomes. Pricing for individual training is dependent on the number of sessions desired, locations of session(s) and client expectation/outcomes.

We strive to keep our prices competitive with other communication consulting services while simultaneously providing superior instruction that is tailored for you.


Nicholas Prephan, Lead Consultant
Doctoral Student, Department of Communication