Wayne State University

Dispute Resolution

The Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution provides professional study and certification to persons holding a graduate degree from an accredited educational institution or those actively pursuing a graduate degree from Wayne State University.  Students in the DR Graduate Certificate Program must complete a minimum of fifteen credits in the required courses listed below and must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0. 

The Certificate allows maximum six credits to count toward both the Certificate and a relevant MA in the department when a student is enrolled in both the G.C. and M.A. programs concurrently. Transfer of credit from other institutions may not be applied toward the credits required for the certificate.

If you need to print out the requirements for this concentration, here is a pdf version (current as of 2018).

Four required core MADR courses:

  • PCS 6100: Introduction to Peace and Security Studies (3 cr)
  • DR 7210: Concepts & Processes of Dispute Resolution I: Negotiation (3 cr)
  • DR 7220: Concepts & Processes of Dispute Resolution II:
  • Neutral Intervention Theory & Practice (3 cr)
  • DR 7890: Final Seminar in Dispute Resolution (3 cr)

One course from the following:

  • DR 6120: Human Diversity & Human Conflict (3 cr)
  • COM 6350: Communication, Culture & Conflict (3cr)
  • DR 7100: Roots of Social Conflict (3 cr)