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Exploratory Communication Arts

The Exploratory Communication Arts cluster is for students who are interested in various aspects of communication but have not yet decided on a major in journalism, broadcast journalism, film, media arts and studies, public relations or communication studies. The cluster offers exploratory possibilities in combination with first year core General Education courses. It also provides the opportunity to explore personal strengths and career interests. Discussing interests and goals early in the first semester with an academic advisor in the Department of Communication is a KEY COMPONENT of this exploratory cluster.

Please note that clusters are not degree programs and the sooner students select a specific degree program, the more likely they are to complete their university studies in a timely manner. Therefore, at any time during the two semesters of this exploratory cluster, students are encouraged to declare a major. It is highly encouraged that this selection should be made by the end of the second semester.

For more information, please contact an academic advisor in the Department of Communication.